Western Cutterheads, LLC. is the leading provider in Rotary Lathe Tooling. We design, service and provide parts for both styles of Cutterheads, the “T-Slot” and the “Aluminum”.

The “T-Slot” Rotary Lathe Tooling was patented in 1917 by Mattison Technologies in Rockford, Illinois. The “Aluminum” Rotary Lathe Tooling was developed in 1994 by Western Cutterheads, in La Center, Kentucky.

The “Profile Grinding System” was developed in 1988, also by Western Cutterheads. This system provides Blueprints, Patterns and Templates for each cutterhead design. With this system the design can be consistently reproduced without change from the original.

Over the past 25 years we have designed over 4000 different profiles for Cutterheads in the industry. We have helped many companies with their turning solutions and not all of them had the same issues or wanted the same services. We offer a variety of options for companies, such as, buying the Cutterhead built complete, ready to turn, or if you want to build it yourself we can help you with that too. We also offer the training for both “Profile Grinding” and “Cutterhead Building”.

Here’s how it works!  First timers, give us a call, so we can get a feel for what your needs are. For example, Do you have an inventory of tooling that we can use to cut costs, Do you want us to build the heads, Do you want us to grind your knives or do you want to do them in house. Either way, we will work with you.  Once this is established we would need a sample or drawing to do a quote, Once that’s approved, we’ll draw your part into our system, get an approval for that and then generate the Blueprint, Pattern and Templates.

Below are some pictures to demonstrate what we do. 
Thank you!